Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Transcendance of Empathy

Does this offend you?
Awesome. Just don't shoot the messenger. Here's what that message is:
  1. Tacit dissapproval of Apple's advertising. Apple has co-opted the greatest thinkers of the 20th century, in public domain images, to peddle electronics. To illustrate the true horror of the campaign, Mother Teresa is directly, as opposed to Apple's preferred implicitly, saying "I approve of my image being used to sell plastic stuff from China."
  2. When you mouth the words, "I Approve", and look at the image, you are reminded of The Culture of Consumption, especially of excess, which is Apple's modus operandi. It means that ones excess income, which is, after all, excess by definition, goes to luxury items with full knowledge of global starvation. In so doing, you are an indirect deciding factor in people going to sleep hungry and Part of the Problem.
  3. The iPad being coveted by Mother Teresa is supposed to show the line between humans and the possessions we have and how we decide to take on the responsibilities and time commitment of things and not people.
  4. The real child in her arms being the background to the iPad emits a feeling that this could easily be your child, but isn't and how the notion of those that one cares for is a fleeting subjective game, crass, and indifferent.
This is the transcendence of empathy.

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